Tuesday, December 29, 2009

There is an activity which I loved and now has become somewhat of a chore...what to do...

Monday, December 28, 2009

king of the forest

He sings, "if I were king of the foreeeeeest," Cowardly Lion style in the Emerald City. Mikey is a small energetic nearly four year old and would be king of the forest...He got up several times just during lunch because of course this line must be sung while standing, arms extended, chest out.
I really miss Tree Hams, really really.
We are edging closer to January, anyone the type for resolution? I am typical that way, waning by my birthday...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"It's not gross to me if it's nasty because I'm a little boy." Mikey re: the way fruit tastes after brushing teeth.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

naptime for babies at the shannon household, mommies too if they all fall to sleep...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mike is packing and the kids are tearing up the playroom. A week in LA for work.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It is zero or less outside: brutal. I am going for groceries anyway, so wish me superpower non-texan snow driving skills. Thanks.
Time for a shower before it's too late. "Mommy, you do not look pretty." Mikey

Monday, December 7, 2009

Just for ref: what are your ten y/o, fifth graders household responsibilities/ chores?
At Rosie's school they have "red flag" day if it is under 5F. No recess. Yep, it's under 5, so now I like snow only if you can go outside.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why it is worth all the work

When morning comes, there are a few brief moments to myself before someone comes with needing. Just a few moments to oneself before everything begins to flutter down the stairwell calling for mother. One must wash and brush and dress, put the face on...
maybe check some mail and tidy the kitchen.

But soon there is a voice, "mommy," drifting down the stairs, or louder, the eager stomp of a 13 year old boxer in need of some relief. Oddly enough, it is guaranteed that a second call will come from the awakening mouths of babes before the first need is completely remedied.

So it goes. Something is always left half done: a pile of bills, a stack of dishes, a basket of laundry, an email or twitter, for the more urgent call of a wet diaper or a hungry belly.

The most important part of keeping everything going is not to repeat work. When getting one outfit from the closet...I get all 3. I just do it even if they are not all awake because sooner or later I will have to walk back upstairs carrying someone.

Unloading the dishwasher? Leave out dishes for the next meal. Brushing one childs' teeth? Get them all in there at once. Fixing one drink? Fix 3.

Anyway, this is all beside the point: my day is like a furious ball of work that starts with just one little thing and before I know it there are 3 kids playing on the kitchen floor behind a certain "line" in the tile I call the "hot line" so I can see them and cook dinner without any airlifts to the burn center. Rosie is helping with dishes or dinner or dutifully rolling toys back across. She is the only child allowed on both sides.

Unfortunately for her, I do not think the reward for all the hard work is found in the same place. Her reward is of course deposited by automatic funds transfer into a savings account each pay period. If you ask her the for balance of her allowance savings account, she will be accurate within $5.

When morning comes there are a few brief moments to myself in which I usually reflect on my many blessings. The work is, well, work. There is no real pleasure in laundry or dishwashing of this capacity. Cooking is okay.

The only thing that makes all of the tedious bits not hard is the blessings of the childrens' voices and smiles and movements. The moments of realization of a new learned task or movement or word. I get to see all of that.

Anyway, Tatya is crying for me. Time to go.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Mom, who's the bad guy with the pretty hair that hurt Harry Potter?" Mikey
"Lucious Malfoy" Rosie

Friday, December 4, 2009

Obvious: do not give your email address to bath and body works if you are not the one who likes their smell good stuff.
bitter cold: find myself delaying the trip outside to get wrapping paper from the garage...
Looking for a laptop for Mike although a netbook would do if it had a decent size screen. Luckily he is not spoiled for life on an Apple.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

We made shortbread cookies to ice tomorrow and Sat. thinking of mom and dad tonight...brothers and sisters too.
Okay, I know this is selfish and lazy, but could someone please startup a paper/cappuccino cart early morning delivery service? Thanks.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

my eyes are burning and I cannot wake up, I have to find R.'s jersey by 3;snowed a little, freeze doily snowflake porch decor?bake cookies?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is this the day of rest? We have mostly decorated, and will probably take some pictures today, pick them up tomorrow...
yawn. good morning...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

@Oscar and Michaela, R. arrived safe and sound, on time even; she loves you both very much: ) O-hang in there. Skype tonight?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

watching martha make pretty pies; will I save all the unbroken pecans to lay decoratively on top? will I trim the berry pie w/100 leaves? No

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am just a big baby about having a cold: all of the real babies were more composed than I am about the sore throat, body aches, etc.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

runny nose coughing aching stuffy head, and Rosie flies to Mexico tomorrow

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Mom, I did it 'cause I'm bad, Michael Jackson bad." Mikey
OK, Coco: good is$1.50 for coffee/energy drin 15oz; bad is going on payday like Stacy pointed out

Saturday, November 14, 2009

the commissary is good; i do not hate the commissary; the commissary is good; i do not hate the commissary;the commissary is good;

Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally: garage finished w/fastback in it; essentials unboxed; curtains up; clothes hung; new washer,dryer in bsmnt; now...It's NOVEMBER?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just looked out the window and counted 30 antelope in the lawn, trying to munch through the snow. "Animals eat poop." Tommy.
I try to write something ans a screen goes up between what I am really experiencing and what I can put down. Like being in the store and not being able to remember the list.
Keep fingers crossed that the cable/internet is really working, and "you know, these old houses," is not a reasonable explanation.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still boxes in every room, 3 babies need flu shots, have to get groceries TODAY or else, missed several family birthdays, need coffee...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I see the light, really soon; i will sit and relax and order school pics, no more unpacking for today

Thursday, October 8, 2009

We are here in the big house, sitting on the floors waiting for Dad to get bag with food and beds. It snowed today; movers deliver tomorrow

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Snow in the forecast. Tomorrow they load and Friday deliver. What do I do with the kids now? High is 35....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

They packed the whole bottom floor; it took all day so the kids and I stayed away. Tomorrow the next half, in the new has by weekend?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why is Tatya such an early riser? She is watching the car shows with Daddy...I am not.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ritz makes cinnamon crackers and Tatya takes great baby joy in crumpling the brown sleeve and waving it about

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best wishes to Lise and her hubby. Good to hear from you, dear. I bet you would like winter here...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tommy and Tatya on the floor with fat little pencils, yellow hot wheels, barbie with the wings and pink hair and the circus car from Thomas.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Library computer on the children's floor. Large font, clicky keyboard, and babies welcome.

Long lost Mom

There are so many times I wanted to update for you guys but imagine keeping the house ready to show at any second without somehow abusing the three babies. Yea, some things we choose over others.

1. We got a firm renter lined up for the 4th Ave. house. This means we move soon: next Wednesday through Friday.

2. Rosie and Mikey are doing indoor soccer on the base. I like this. No wind, cold etc., dragging Tatya out into the freezing so I won't let Rosie down by being the mom who stays in the car.

3. Tommy is progressing in leaps and bounds (literally running, climbing, jumping), talking in sentences and asking for thinks clearly. Last night he couldn't sleep and came upstairs asking for "paper, Mommy, paper" so I gave him paper and pen and got him cozy on the couch. "Making my letters," he explained.

4. Tatya will not be encouraged to motor around very easily. I work with her standing, but she is not interested in crawling. She just lifts her arms into the air and says, "Up."
She never turns down food. Ever. She has four teeth now, too (photos soon, after we move, promise).

5. Mikey rides his bike like a champ! We rode to the library this weekend it was awesome. He knows to stop and wait at the corner, how to take bumps and use the coaster brake.
Good morning.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Okay, really it has been like this

Wake up, change the babies, feed the babies; Medicate everyone, use the nose bulb, everyone goes back to bed. Repeat.

Mikey of course has bursts of random strangely directed energy: MOM! I have GOT to bring this potty upstairs!"
"No, Mikey. All of the potties can't be upstairs."

"MOM! I have got to feed Cleo!"
"MOM! I have got to pee outside in the yard!"
"Break it, Tommy. Throw it on the ground." This is a small porcelain plant mister. I still have not been on the porch to see what came of it.

Tommy pooped in the potty but got it EVERYWHERE, then asked me for a diaper. He put a hard candy in Tatya's mouth, but I was right there...scooped it out with my finger CPR training style.

Still have not spoken with Rosie! Miss and Love U!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Updates just a little


1. Judging by the high number of prostate and ED advertising, not to mention the scooter and life insurance adds, I am sure my DH and I are watching the "old people" news. 

2.  Who would have imagined celebrations including gifts for sleeping through the night without wetting the bed?  This applies to my 3 year old, not the "old people."

3. I am quite pleased to be in touch with my first cousin Shell via Facebook.

4. Also excited that Courtney and I have similarly found a way to update one another about our lives: BLOGS.

5. My milk is disappearing and Tatya still has not taken a bottle.  She just went straight to the sissy cup.

6.  Most of all, though, I MISS ROSIE.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

go ask alice

interesting questions regarding playing with children on the floor

Do You Play With Your Kids? - ParentDish

We play, play everyday, maybe not on the floor, or maybe not with cars or trains, but we do.  I say Mikey and Tommy love to "help wash vegetables" while I cook.  We water the garden together, walk to the airport to watch the planes take off, walk to the park and swing, slide.  We wash dishes together, they mix and scramble,  pour and measure.

Does this count as play?  If they want to toss the plastic in the recycle bin, is that play?  If Mike and I hold them up so they can get it in? 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Art in public places

I really like all of the sculptures I have noticed around town. There are several at the library, a bronze set of figures of a mother reading, and two more there alone. near the ball fields there is a boy playing, and a huge cowboy at the Frontier Days Museum. I decided to post photos as we visit the places where each is located.

Following is the sculpture on the way to the park nearest our house.

Monday, June 15, 2009

No new photos

Well this will be boring if you like to see the photo summary of our weekend.  I forgot the camera but we went to Cowboy Festival for Kids, free at the Frontier Park Museum.  First of all it is free, with parking everywhere within walking distance.  The weather was bright and sunny but there were events and displays inside and out.

Friday, June 12, 2009

just some fun with photos


All were taken with the Nikon D40 and they were edited with gimp and befunky

just some fun with photos


All were taken with the Nikon D40 and they were edited with gimp and befunky

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The early bird should wake up her children

I am seizing the 15 minute opportunity to get some writing done while the kids miraculously sleep in. They prove that our internal clocks know and understand what a summer break is all about. How did they adjust from waking up by 7:30 to just being able to sleep and sleep? Would Rosie and I make that much racket getting her ready for school?

Speaking or Rosa and school she is very modest. She came home with the state handwriting championship and accompanying article in the paper the next day, not to mention gold honor roll each grading period. If I can't find our scanner and get it hooked up I will take the paper to kinkos (or whatever they have here) and get it posted. She said when I post about her she gets embarrassed so we agreed, NO MORE MENTION OF HER bodily functions including allergies or hair or acne. Nothing. Cannot even say she is sick. In return, I can post day to day family stuff in which she was included. Fair enough.

Rosa and S., her best friend from school, have been spending a lot of time together and I like to see that. They are so cute. We went to the awesome library yesterday, yes me and 5 in tow, and when we picked up S. she said, "Riri, how do you like my new haircut?"

This is Rosie and S. on the playground, and I have no clue who the suspicious lady in the background is. This park is shouting distance from S.'s house and easy walking distance for the rest of us. I love our neighborhood, like Austin when I was a kid, they just ride bikes back and forth, walk to the park or the store. Cheyenne is a great city to raise kids. (Later I will probably go on about the best library ever with it's own kid's floor and play bus bookmobile art installation...)

Mike put the boys to work scrubbing an engine. That's all I can say about this except that Tommy put the steel "tooth brush" in his mouth. Nice. I guess this engine will be for the Chiraco although It could be for "Dad's car that was crushed by the tree that fell down on it." I think I have a photo of the wiring spread all over the basement.

Theresa is talking to Texas Telli looking for the golden triangle of destiny. I have been hearing too much about Telli and his triangles lately. They found a golden triangle of destiny in the laundromat. and then minesota mel tried to take it. Baby bear also loves triangles. I know this like a fact. I think Telli's triangle tossing competition vest looks like a sad relic of the 80's. Now jack black is telling us about octogons.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Originally uploaded by majorwifey
he is peace hidden behind the hedge around the corner,
standing stolid, stoic he views his garden hands pursed
as if frozen in stone an instant before tossing his
morning bread crust on the ground for the birds.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mom, Rosie caught him!

This is the little guy we hear all day tk,tk,tk,tk,tk,tk,tk,tk,tk,tk,tk,tk!  He calls his mate, or he wards off the competition, or maybe he is just eating.   We have seen him in the back yard in the alley on a phone pole, but this particular morning, we were all outside and he was not frightened away so Rosie saw the opportunity and went for the camera.  "Grandma is going to love this!"  She was especially proud of the shot if him pecking.  I really like woodpeckers, now.

In the Garden

We have finally planted our vegetable garden. While Uncle Jes was here this past weekend, we all went to the nursery together. We chose some pretty plants and raced to put them in the ground before the rain came. We made it. In the back low garden along the wall, there are now eggplant, tomato, cucumber and pepper plants along with the strawberries which already came back from last year.

In addition we put some herbs in pots: basil, thyme, sage, cilantro, and a volunteer oregano.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday already

Okay everybody, Rosie scored a goal on the last game of the season. She is awesome!

As some people know, sleeping arrangements Friday night were odd at best, especially for Mike who dozed off on the floor half on Cleo's dog bed watching O'riley Factor. I tried to wake him up to move to bed because he had a TRIATHLON early Saturday morning. He would not budge. At the same time Rosie fell to sleep in the boys' room watching iCarly, but both of the boys fell to sleep upstairs...Tommy in my bed playing with Dad's old hotwheels from childhood and Mikey on the couch. Theresa and I had no choice but to sleep in the guest bed.

Anyway, Mike was up early and off the the race, then I got the kids out the door to go to the finish line to watch him cross at around 9, forgot the camera, but we were all there and the weather was beautiful. We saw him pass on the cycling leg. He looked hot or sunburned when he started off on the run, and he says that was the worst time for him. The whole thing gave us both renewed comittment to fitness. I guess being there so early in the morning and having the whole family show up to watch is good for all of us.

Jes was at the house when we got back there and I made some buckdwheat pancakes with applesauce in them. Very quickly we changed, got everyone ready and went out the door to the last soccer game of the season. Agian, beautiful weather and sunshine plus the all of us being there got Rosie motivated and she scored a goal!

Next post I will tell about Mikey's friend Peyton, the garden and Tommy's progress.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Today was busy

Tatya sleeps next to me, breathing almost imperceptibly the way only small babies do, and I will do some updates.

What a day. I skipped the 9:30 MOM's event for which I RSVP'd "yes" because Mikey had the bathroom problems which ended in a diaper rash (which you can get even when wearing cotton underpants). It did take us all morning to get everyone fed and bathed and clothed and presentable for an outing with dad while mom sat in the dentist chair listening to the first really interesting woman I have met so far in Cheyenne. Linda.

I know practically everything there is to know now. Her best friend had a granola upbringing, while she came from the midwest somewhere very Catholic with 13 Catholic churches and nearly as many Catholic schools. She has lost a sibling, is somewhat estranged from her strange mother, and is not appreciated for calling a spade a spade. Her only son is coming for dinner and she "will see" how that goes.

This lady is interesting because she told me her entire family history, a recipe for chickory with almond milk and stevia as a coffee substitute, and knew that I had been raised someplace without flouride in the water. She knew also that I had many sibblings by something I said which could not have been much because I was at the dentist. The most interesting conversation in a while.

When I got home of course I was hungry and couldn't eat so fed the baby who had gone without nursing for like 3 hours, and just listened while the boys proceded to hide everything they could find behind a pair of speakers in the living room. And whoever at Rose Art or Crayola who though up the idea of those fistfull of markers that make animal noises when you close them, it doesn't work. They just find the tiney little trigger and carry the open fist size marker everywhere while it says "mooo" or something. Those were all over the living room when I came out of Grandma's room.

When Rosie got home, I asked her to put every toy and marker in a large clear plastic bin for me, while I started dinner and Mikey screamed, "Don't take my toys to donate!" Was i that maniacle? How many times had I threatened to just pick up the mess and take it all to the Goodwill for some one who wants it?

Dinner was pork tenderloin cooked on the grill with asparagus and biscuits then off to the soccer game. I have to say Rosa did not play with enthusiasm, and I think she is under the weather (because she said she had a runny nose and I saw her coughing, maybe allergies to spring). Mikey has a girlfriend her sits on her soccer ball while he tries to play and asks him questions. He gave her one of his snacks, and asked her her name then said, "say it louder, I can't uderstand."

Tommy got cold playing in the evening wind, and he was very cranky. Unless it happened while I was at the dentist there was no nap. We went throught a drive through for coffee and cookies on the way home, and made plans for Uncle Jes to come this weekend. Rosie has her last game Saturday.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This week I went through a little self aware moment - group of days - wondering about many things developmental. Most of this began with a comment made by the therapists/ teachers of Thomas' Sweetpea class.

I was picking him up Tuesday last when it became clear Mikey (age 3) really needed to go to the bathroom. I asked one of the ladies to hold Tatya while I helped Mikey. As mom's know, 3 yo's need some assistance still in the bathroom department. I showed Mikey the little potty and the little stool in front of the sink. I took a new pair of underpants from his backpack and left him to negotiate the procedure for a minute.

When I went back to where the 3 ladies and the other toddlers sat in a circle on the rug singing the good bye for now song to oneanother, I saw the ladies exchange this look as if they were deciding whether or not to say something. I just raised my eyebrow, in an effort to say, "this is the nicest way I can possibly ask you what it is..."

The one holding Tatya, began.

"How old is this baby?"
"THERESA is 6 months almost seven."
"Oh. She's not sitting up very well on her own...does this concern you?"
"Not until just now..."

By then, Mikey emerged from the little boys and girls room with a shirt and red socks on, nothing more.
"Did you need some help in there, honey?"

So I helped him dress and wash and flush and toss with an audience of two palpably mobile and verbal little girls. Then,
I went back to the goodbye for now circle of goodness to collect my other two children and walk very slowly back to the car, as mother's of two year olds do.

I took the phone number "in case you wanted to have her evaluated." I didn't mention her surgery down there, or her upcoming sedated scan which will tell us if she needs another surgery to free her tailbone to determine if she will maintain use of her legs for the rest of her life...Thanks, Ladies at Stride Learning Center.

Here are some photos of Tatya sitting rather wobly, while playing with Rosie and Mikey on the sofa.

Monday, May 18, 2009

update one - walking talking and potty training

Mike and Tommy walkin

We worked outside this weekend, and the house inside is a wreck.  Tommy enjoys walking around with Mike and sort of discussing things, like to the left there is "blue ball" and I think he is pointing out a spot I weeded the day before.  He is now in the sweetpeas class twice a week for 2 hours.  They are so cute because everyone sings when it is pickup time. He is not afraid to be left, and I think he wants to go more often, because he asks to be driven to "teacher."

His brother, however, is jealous.  He wants to go to school too, but he is of a certain age (3) where he would have to have far fewer accidents to be allowed in a regular 3 year old class (at St. Mary's anyway).  We'll see what I can find, our options are limited by the size of  the city and the fact that the facilities on base are full, but most of all I do not want to send Mikey to a private home.  That would defeat the purpose: socialization.  I can look  after him at home.  I want him to meet kids, and interact with other adults who expect him to follow rules too.

update one - walking talking and potty training

Mike and Tommy walkin

We worked outside this weekend, and the house inside is a wreck.  Tommy enjoys walking around with Mike and sort of discussing things, like to the left there is "blue ball" and I think he is pointing out a spot I weeded the day before.  He is now in the sweetpeas class twice a week for 2 hours.  They are so cute because everyone sings when it is pickup time. He is not afraid to be left, and I think he wants to go more often, because he asks to be driven to "teacher."

His brother, however, is jealous.  He wants to go to school too, but he is of a certain age (3) where he would have to have far fewer accidents to be allowed in a regular 3 year old class (at St. Mary's anyway).  We'll see what I can find, our options are limited by the size of  the city and the fact that the facilities on base are full, but most of all I do not want to send Mikey to a private home.  That would defeat the purpose: socialization.  I can look  after him at home.  I want him to meet kids, and interact with other adults who expect him to follow rules too.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

this is Winky from violastudio on Etsy. I love they idea of combining media, especially upcycling old clothes, and sweaters, vintage books and fabrics, embroidery and sewing made new. I have seen some really cute and inspiring crafts.

The idea is that I can somehow balance what I can handle making myself with what I buy hand made. Handmade baby things are the best, especially because it is still the time when I get to choose.

Right now I am looking for a "how to" on shrinky dinks made from recycled plastic berry containers and the other similar plastic "trash". You sand them then color them with pencils and bake at a low temperature.

I need the specifics though; the article I read said which # plastic; tempurature and duration in the oven...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day of Platitudes

Yesterday was a day in platitudes: making the bed became a symbolic gesture synopsized in one brief if/then idea; gardening the spirit of renewal. I feel the song on the radio like an adolescent and feel the season's change, a verge in my emotional being. This would be good, so in touch with the world around me, but I have learned that one thing leads to another for me.

There is no enjoying self awareness and emotional reactivity, even though with it comes energy and creativity, when, deep within my mind I know what follows. A certain gloom or absence of any emotion, tiredness, fatigue and lack of interest or pleasure in much of anything.

Child-rearing can be hard and full of small regrets, some of which become larger. I will say I regret losing my temper or raising my voice with Rosa and Mikey. I have this nagging belief that over time they will learn to try and judge the mood of their parent which a child should not have to do. I feel that at times I sound too harsh and of course there were better words to use, better ways.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sublime stiching - Jenny Hart is awesome

this Austin girl knows what she is doing and cool too.  Her site has patterns, books, calender of events, textiles and more.

Sublime Stitching | This ain't your gramma's embroidery!
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