Monday, May 18, 2009

update one - walking talking and potty training

Mike and Tommy walkin

We worked outside this weekend, and the house inside is a wreck.  Tommy enjoys walking around with Mike and sort of discussing things, like to the left there is "blue ball" and I think he is pointing out a spot I weeded the day before.  He is now in the sweetpeas class twice a week for 2 hours.  They are so cute because everyone sings when it is pickup time. He is not afraid to be left, and I think he wants to go more often, because he asks to be driven to "teacher."

His brother, however, is jealous.  He wants to go to school too, but he is of a certain age (3) where he would have to have far fewer accidents to be allowed in a regular 3 year old class (at St. Mary's anyway).  We'll see what I can find, our options are limited by the size of  the city and the fact that the facilities on base are full, but most of all I do not want to send Mikey to a private home.  That would defeat the purpose: socialization.  I can look  after him at home.  I want him to meet kids, and interact with other adults who expect him to follow rules too.

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