Saturday, May 23, 2009

This week I went through a little self aware moment - group of days - wondering about many things developmental. Most of this began with a comment made by the therapists/ teachers of Thomas' Sweetpea class.

I was picking him up Tuesday last when it became clear Mikey (age 3) really needed to go to the bathroom. I asked one of the ladies to hold Tatya while I helped Mikey. As mom's know, 3 yo's need some assistance still in the bathroom department. I showed Mikey the little potty and the little stool in front of the sink. I took a new pair of underpants from his backpack and left him to negotiate the procedure for a minute.

When I went back to where the 3 ladies and the other toddlers sat in a circle on the rug singing the good bye for now song to oneanother, I saw the ladies exchange this look as if they were deciding whether or not to say something. I just raised my eyebrow, in an effort to say, "this is the nicest way I can possibly ask you what it is..."

The one holding Tatya, began.

"How old is this baby?"
"THERESA is 6 months almost seven."
"Oh. She's not sitting up very well on her own...does this concern you?"
"Not until just now..."

By then, Mikey emerged from the little boys and girls room with a shirt and red socks on, nothing more.
"Did you need some help in there, honey?"

So I helped him dress and wash and flush and toss with an audience of two palpably mobile and verbal little girls. Then,
I went back to the goodbye for now circle of goodness to collect my other two children and walk very slowly back to the car, as mother's of two year olds do.

I took the phone number "in case you wanted to have her evaluated." I didn't mention her surgery down there, or her upcoming sedated scan which will tell us if she needs another surgery to free her tailbone to determine if she will maintain use of her legs for the rest of her life...Thanks, Ladies at Stride Learning Center.

Here are some photos of Tatya sitting rather wobly, while playing with Rosie and Mikey on the sofa.


  1. you handled that with as much grace as was possible. Your Tatya is an angel and keep the faith that all will be well with her. You must believe it... Doubt and fear will wear you down...I believe for you too...

  2. Oh sweetie
    God is good all the time and all the time God is good .
    He gives Moms self control in moments we don't have a clue we need it .He shuts our mouths when our words would be a waste of time .He saves our words for important things like loving on those we are given to raise .
    Blessings of joy to you .
    You are an amazing beautiful ,loving ,gifted
    and gracious woman !
    Don't you ever forget that .
    have a beautiful wonderful rest of the week .


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