Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bringing in the new year

The new year quickly approaches.  Despite T. Leigh's looming surgery date casting a shadow over the usually festive day, I still find myself looking to the future and thinking about what I will do differently.  I saw a list on Lazy Wife's blog and that got the wheels turning in my head.  What did I do this year, what did I want to do, and what will I do next year?

Unlike Lazy Wife, I have no ambitious plans beyond general organization and productivity.  Maybe this is because I have recently given birth to my fourth child, Theresa Leigh.  She is beautiful and precious, and of course, time consuming.  The daily load leaves little time for personal interests, even the most fundamental to maintaining normal social relations.  There is no corresponding, journaling, or writing of any kind really while breastfeeding.  Nor can I carry on an effective phone conversation while cradling a baby to my breast. 

Between breastfeeding there is of course diaper changing and I mean a lot of diaper changing as I have 3 under 3!  Of course I am tired a lot, but the good thing is that I know what to expect (generally speaking), so I know when I have to rest, like it or not.  All of this leaves little time or energy for much else which brings me to my primary and simple goals for the year.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Seconds before the first child awakened, I snapped a couple shots of Santa's handy work. We had the stocking hangers on the fireplace, but Santa moved them to the table so that the chocolate would not melt from the heat. How nice. These were taken at daybreak before the children awakened.
T. Leigh was the first, then Tommy, and finally we had to awaken Mikey. You can see the look on his face of bewilderment. Following are more photos of the wee ones.

T. Leigh has on her first Christmas outfit, and she is wide awake! The wonder in her eyes is probably due to the light that flashes on my camera just before the shutter snaps.

The boys are in their pj's opening their stockings. Note to parents of the under 3 set: No need to buy gifts; all they are interested in is the first toy they come across.
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