Friday, July 10, 2009

Okay, really it has been like this

Wake up, change the babies, feed the babies; Medicate everyone, use the nose bulb, everyone goes back to bed. Repeat.

Mikey of course has bursts of random strangely directed energy: MOM! I have GOT to bring this potty upstairs!"
"No, Mikey. All of the potties can't be upstairs."

"MOM! I have got to feed Cleo!"
"MOM! I have got to pee outside in the yard!"
"Break it, Tommy. Throw it on the ground." This is a small porcelain plant mister. I still have not been on the porch to see what came of it.

Tommy pooped in the potty but got it EVERYWHERE, then asked me for a diaper. He put a hard candy in Tatya's mouth, but I was right there...scooped it out with my finger CPR training style.

Still have not spoken with Rosie! Miss and Love U!

1 comment:

  1. oh no - hope everyone is feeling better soon. also, quick responses mama!


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