Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday already

Okay everybody, Rosie scored a goal on the last game of the season. She is awesome!

As some people know, sleeping arrangements Friday night were odd at best, especially for Mike who dozed off on the floor half on Cleo's dog bed watching O'riley Factor. I tried to wake him up to move to bed because he had a TRIATHLON early Saturday morning. He would not budge. At the same time Rosie fell to sleep in the boys' room watching iCarly, but both of the boys fell to sleep upstairs...Tommy in my bed playing with Dad's old hotwheels from childhood and Mikey on the couch. Theresa and I had no choice but to sleep in the guest bed.

Anyway, Mike was up early and off the the race, then I got the kids out the door to go to the finish line to watch him cross at around 9, forgot the camera, but we were all there and the weather was beautiful. We saw him pass on the cycling leg. He looked hot or sunburned when he started off on the run, and he says that was the worst time for him. The whole thing gave us both renewed comittment to fitness. I guess being there so early in the morning and having the whole family show up to watch is good for all of us.

Jes was at the house when we got back there and I made some buckdwheat pancakes with applesauce in them. Very quickly we changed, got everyone ready and went out the door to the last soccer game of the season. Agian, beautiful weather and sunshine plus the all of us being there got Rosie motivated and she scored a goal!

Next post I will tell about Mikey's friend Peyton, the garden and Tommy's progress.

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