Monday, April 20, 2009

When kids are Ill

The first sign of any childhood illness in my home is altered behavior. My son, Mikey, is usually off the walls driving every one nuts with his far too much energy, too loud voice and constant need to move or speak or both. So today when he seemed quiet and kept to himself, I knew something was wrong.

It started as soon as he awoke. Mike was leaving for work and I heard the boys in the stairway. Mikey usually has happy cooperative energy in the morning, but today he was jealous and cranky. I could tell that his throat hurt because he grimaced when he swallowed his juice.

His energy level went downhill until by Tommy's PT at 10:30, instead of inserting himself, Mikey was withdrawing to the bedroom to take a nap which he all but gave up. He slept or FOUR HOURS AND WOKE UP WITH 103F fever. Yikes.


  1. 103!? Yikes. Hope is on the mend. Your baby in your header is gorgeous!!

  2. Altered behavior is always the first sign. I hope your son feels better really soon. When the kids are ill nothing feels right. Love your header too!


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