Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tiny buds and blossoms have arrived in Cheyenne. Here is the view of our church, St. Marks, from the parking lot. This is near the side entrance which leads directly down to the nursery and up the the kitchen and large meeting room. I liked the blossoming tree, but although I imagined it some fruiting tree, I really have no idea what it is. There is another pretty blossom in the edge of the wrought iron fence, but I don't think my shot of that came out.

These other pictures are from the walk around with Cleo. All of these buds and flowers are in our block. I like the red buds against the whitish grey bark. I would also like to know what these blue flowers are. In many of the yards, like the bulbs, they have begun to emerge from underneath last year's dry growth.

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