Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Barbeque

The gorgeous weather that told us last week was the intro to spring here in did not hold. It was cold and damp for Tommy's birthday,but the boys were too sick to be going outside anyway. Runny nose and cough, fever, maybe flu (off topic: swine flu in the news started to freak me out last night). Uncle Jes came anyway from boulder, just in time to get out the door for Rosie's soccer game.

She looked like the Michelin Man with a jersey on over her white winter coat. She played awesome forward, but cried a bit after. She said it was because the coach wouldn't put her in defense. Why not I don't know, but she stopped crying when we stopped at the Coffee Cabin, our drive thru in the parking lot of the bike shop, where she ordered a strawberry Italian soda and felt better.

Anyway, Mike and Jes cooked the brisket while I did whatever takes up the whole day every day with very little to show for it, and we ate before the boys passed out with fatigue.

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