Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the dog

The dog next door barks most of the day, the kind of bark that would have awakened me on a quiet sunny morning when everyone else is already at school or work, and staying in bed feels like playing hooky.  She would have annoyed me into covering my head with a pillow to hang on to the fleeting pleasure of dosing in and out of consciousness.

Now, she neither keeps me awake nor does she annoy anyone except for our dog and only when I take her outside for a walk.  I avoid that direction because Cleo feels compelled to bark out the by the way you are obnoxious warning that all incessant barkers deserve,  and she tugs at the leash.  Boxers are strong, even when they get old.

I was drinking my morning coffee and wondering why does Maggie not bother me?  I mean if I were asleep, these days, I would stay asleep.  This is the magic of three under three.  They rule your sleep, nothing else can budge you.  Because the dog does not awaken my babes, she does not bother me. 

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