Friday, February 27, 2009

Ash Wednesday Service

Noon.  Don't take the babies.

11:30 am I was so proud to have three under three dressed for church, and myself as well with plenty of time for makeup and driving.  I nursed Theresa and sat down at the kitchen table to "put on my face" when I heard Mikey's voice from the bathroom. 

"Do you need any help in there baby?" Too many clothes can make or break the toilet trainers day. 
"Um no," he said.  My supersonic mom hearing could tell something was weird.

"Could you come here?"
"Um no"
"Where are you, Mikey?"
"In the bathtub."
"Is there water in there?"
"Yes, I'm not cold, my clothes are still on."

He was fully dressed in a tub full of lukewarm water which I had forgotten to drain not 30 minutes earlier.  I left the bathroom and waited for his dad.

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