Thursday, January 3, 2013

No catchy title here

I got a new pocketbook which zips at the top and has a loop handle.  Now my ID will now fall out at the jewelry counter in the BX, nor will Nadja be able to take my credit card (until she learns to work zippers, I guess). 

I got Chanel Mdse. perfume, and a new pair of jeans. 

I got the tee down with a lot of help from Rosie, or perhaps I should say Rosie got the tree down with no help from me.  Mikey Elf with life size photo of his face is still taped to the window, and the garland is still on the front railing, and there are several overly ripe gourds still propped up next the the small evergreen trees on the outside window sill.  Those are next as I imagined I smelled them when I walked by below, although the have not yet begun to implode or leak.

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