Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Modays are so busy that it's already Tuesday

Moday is mostly driving and waiting, waiting and driving.  I take Tommy to kindergarten by 9:00 then Theresa to gymnastics at 10:30.  This sounds easy, except gymnastics is a 45 minute drive from our village. 

Half way between the village and gymnastics is the base, so we go there next to return videos, vacuum the car and eat lunch before picking up Mikey at 2:00 and rushing  back to our village to get Tommy from kindergarten at 3:00. 

Then, we make the 45 minute drive all over again to ballet at 4:00. If you were counting you would notice that we still have to go back to the base and pick up Rosie at the teen center.  By then, it is 5:30 and dark outside.  So we eat on base and drive home.  This takes a lot of gas, and Monday is over.

Tuesday, the Airman's Attic is open, and the new year brings many donations.  I enjoy this trip and so does Nadja because there is a room full of free toys.  Really.  Take some and leave some.   Today she got a pink poodle back pack baby leash.  Probably I will not be to ashamed to use this in the international airport soon.

Here is what I am really happy about.  I got a new years Moleskine soft cover set of two 13x21cm unlined journals.  Look:

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