Sunday, January 17, 2010

Re: work and not accidentally preposting

Again, Courtney, in memory order:
Last night beginning Jan. 16 I awoke with Tatya at 2:00 to nurse her back to sleep, awoke b/w 4-5 to nurse again and noticed DH had left the bed...

Night beginning Jan. 15 awoke only at 2am to nurse Tatya.

Night beginning Jan. 14 awoke at 2, 3-4, 5:30 for nursing Tatya, asking DH to get Tommy something to drink and also Mikey b/c we woke him with the noise, and changing Mikey's PJ's because he had an accident in the hall on the way to pee after the middle of the night drink. Note: nobody awoke in his or her own bed except DH who had a guest: Tommy.

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