Friday, January 23, 2009

more for the list

This is the shelf next to my writing desk.  It started out organized but now it has far too much responsibility.  There are all of the reference books (Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry are consuming the living room shelf space almost entirely), boxes of stencils, stickers, stamps, markers, pencils, pens, photo corners, camera parts, lens cleaners, covers, blah blah blah...

I keep things in cans, cigar boxes, photo boxes, wicker, glass, and wood.  I have no color theme, or material restriction other than I do not prefer plastic unless It really is the only thing that works. 

Th desk is no better.  Each drawer is filled with stationary, sealing wax, fountain pens, normal pens, jars of ink, double sided tape, fancy , paperclips, computer cords and cables, the router, my clever charging station with no hinges, the hinges, photos, and small jewelry tools.

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